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Each year CrowdStrike recognizes the partners in the its Elevate Partner Program to acknowledge the outstanding success and commitment of their partner network across the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

Partners were judged based on their participation, certifications, growth of their CrowdStrike new platform revenue, marketing activities and overall collaborative engagement with the business during the from 1st February 2021 to 1st February 2022.

We are thrilled to announce that Chamara Pathum won the award for Best Partner Solution Engineer of the Year 2021. Chamara is an Cyber Security Expert with over 8 years experience in the Information Technology field and has been an invaluable part of Sanfer from the inception and has been a great resource to build and grow as a company. “CrowdStrike is one of the brands that I feel priviledged to have work with. I have personally learned so many new technologies and have also met some great peers. On the other hand, Sanfer has given me so much opportunity and advancement in my career, so I guess I had the best combination to win this award” said Chamara upon receiving the recognition accolade.

Crowdstrikes Humio Platform Deliver the Industry’s Most Advanced Data Platform for Next Generation, Index Free XDR.

CrowdStrike adds best-in-class data ingestion to extend its leadership with a true multi-tenant, cloud-native platform

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and cloud workload protection, announced it has agreed to acquire Humio, a leading provider of high-performance cloud log management and observability technology.

CrowdStrike delivers the industry’s most comprehensive security solution for protecting endpoints and workloads, processing 5 trillion security-related events per week with its pioneering Threat Graph™ technology. With this acquisition, CrowdStrike will further expand its eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities by ingesting and correlating data from any log, application or feed to deliver actionable insights and real-time protection.

Existing security providers are unable to deliver the concise, contextual insights their customers need to realize the true promise of XDR. Without key technological advances — such as CrowdStrike’s cloud-scale AI running on a purpose-built graph database, and patented smart-filtering technology that reduces ingestion of unneeded, irrelevant data — customers are left with large, complex data sets that lack context and hide the important insights security teams require. Joining forces with Humio’s best-in-class data ingestion and analytics platform will enable CrowdStrike to provide deep, contextual index-free XDR at a speed and scale that no other vendor can match. As a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry, CrowdStrike’s decade-long leadership in EDR and XDR is rooted in combining endpoint events with network visibility, account and identity insights, and massive telemetry from all workloads, regardless of where they are — on premise, in the cloud or even deployed in a container.

Fairfirst Insurance Improves efficiency by 90% with 42Gears Solutions

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Fairfirst Insurance is a private company that provides a range of insurance policies for individuals as well as corporate houses.

Fairfirst empowers its field agents with tablets and allows them to operate remotely within the city and suburbs of Colombo. It provides them to get quick access to accurate data. With tablets, sales agents can meet potential clients, demonstrate insurance products/presentations, collect customer data, close deals and also capture signatures – all in a single meeting.

However, these tablets introduced some potential concerns:

  1. Managing a large device inventory remotely was a huge problem for the IT team. Given that the tablets were distributed across Colombo, Fairfirst lacked a proper mechanism to track these devices.
  2. Fairfirst needed a way to keep the devices safe and restrict employees from misusing them.
  3. There was no way to ensure that the customer data residing on the devices was safe in case the devices were lost or misplaced.
  4. The company needed to provide access to a few essential work-related apps, such as Microsoft 365, but failed to manage the licenses remotely.
  5. As the field agents used the tablets for personal purposes also, the company struggled to set proper restrictions that would aid them in protecting company data while using work and personal applications.
  6. The company had no way to measure employee efficiency and lacked  visibility into how the devices were used.

Fairfirst Insurance solved its device management challenges with 42Gears software. The company deployed the SureMDM Premium suite on all its devices. Soon, the IT team was able to:

  1. Manage all the devices remotely from a central console with an increased visibility into device inventory. SureMDM’s location tracking feature allowed them to track all the devices when they were in the field.
  2. Lock the devices into kiosk mode, ensuring that nobody could tamper with the devices or misuse them.
  3. Ensure the security of the customer data and the devices with SureMDM’s data safety features.
  4. Seamlessly deploy and update business apps remotely.
  5. Separate work and personal applications through containerization, thereby protecting corporate data.
  6. Schedule reports to get insights on device usage.


  • Device management efficiency has increased by 90% since adopting SureMDM.
  • Overall user productivity has improved by 90% since implementing 42Gears’ solutions.


  • Thanks to the GPS tracking feature in SureMDM, Fairfirst’s IT teams can now track the location of company-owned devices from a central console.
  • By locking down the Windows tabs into specific apps, the company can now prevent users from accidentally downloading malicious software or accessing  non-work-related apps.
  • The company can now easily apply security and compliance policies on device and data access.
  • The company has experienced an increase in employee efficiency as they can easily monitor device usage.